Women's Hostel

Warden: Dr. N.Devanathan, Principal
Deputy Warden: A.Subhashini, Assistant Professor

Government law college Women's Hostel has flexibility and freedom for Students. Each room has study table & chairs, fan, wardrobes and neatly done bed. Furnished dining table, wardrobes and fans with study area, toilet-bathroom and dressing area. Inmates staying in rooms use in the common area and is comfortably placed in the centre of the premises.

  • Admission is made every year by the deputy warden after considering the merits of the applicant
  • Priority admission will be given on the basis of travel distance and time distance from their residence
  • The allotment of rooms will be made by the warden or by the person nominated by her. The allotment made by the warden is final and it cannot be questioned. No room can be reserved or promised in advance
  • The warden may order any member to vacate the hostel for unsatisfactory conduct at any time. Warden’s decision is final.
  • All Communal and religious activities strictly prohibited within the hostel premises
  • Hostel inmates should not do any meetings and functions within the premises without prior permission of warden.
  • Outsiders, friends and relatives should not permit to stay within the hostel premises.
  • All expenditure of the hostel is made by the dividing system. Hence iron box, water heater electric stove and induction stove are all strictly prohibited.
  • Permitted visitors only allowed within the hostel. Men relatives are not permitted to enter within the hostel premises.
  • Inmates have to sign the movement register whenever they go outside and enter within the hostel. Every inmate has to present in the hostel before 6 pm.
  • Inmates have to sign attendance register at 6 pm everyday

Deputy Warden

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